The Esthetic Line implant is a conical shaped implant offering surgical and prosthetic compatibility to the BL line of implants. The EL implant’s core is the same as that of the BL implant and thus follows the same insertion protocol in soft bone. The EL implant is endowed with generous apical threading which provides superb primary stability, especially in soft bone.
The prosthetic connection of the EL implant is the same as the BL; a Morse taper locking connection which delivers an added level of security against abutment loosening, micro movements and other issues that are a result of implant connection gaps.

The platform switching, Concave Esthetic Concept dental prosthetic system of the EL implant system offers a large range of options as well as tissue shaping possibilities. Despite the large range of prosthetic freedom, the system remains uncomplicated and easy to use due to the fact that the prosthetic connection is the same for all implant diameters.

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  Dental Implant ø 3.8 9mm   EL-3509
  Dental Implant ø 3.8 11mm   EL-3511
  Dental Implant ø 3.8 13mm   EL-3513
  Dental Implant ø 3.8 15mm   EL-3515
  Dental Implant ø 4,3 9mm   EL-4309
  Dental Implant ø 4,3 11mm   EL-4311
  Dental Implant ø 4,3 13mm   EL-4313
  Dental Implant ø 4,3 15mm   EL-4315
  Dental Implant ø 5.1 9mm   EL-5109
  Dental Implant ø 5.1 11mm   EL-5111
  Dental Implant ø 5.1 13mm   EL-5113
  Dental Implant ø 5.1 15mm   EL-5115


  Dental implant O 4,3 7mm   EL-4307
  Dental implant O 5,1 7mm   EL-5107

The Esthetic Line implant is a conical shaped implant offering surgical and prosthetic compatibility...
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